Ahmedabad Heritage Walk

The Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad is conducted by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation with NGO, CRUTA Foundation like most Indian cities, has a long history and strong architectural and urban character. The AMC has been, since 19th Nov1997- as a part of World Heritage Week – conducting this Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad as a part of its cherished project ” Getting the City to the People “.

This post is just a photographic journey of the walk. I highly encourage fellow Amdavadis and Visitors to take this walk to know more about the heritage of this city. Henceforth, I am not including specific details of the architecture, name of colonies etc.. I guess its best to visit them personally..

The walk starts from Swami Narayan Temple, Kalupur from 0800 hrs and runs for approximately 2 hours.

If you also want to visit the temple, go a little early. The walk will end at a different place and you may not want to go come back to this place.

We found a group of people busy making the manjha (thread used for kite flying). A kite flying festival is going to come and hence there will be a huge demand of these threads.

The lady in the picture was the friendly volunteer for the walk. Other pictures depict the colonies present in the earlier times. The above picture has a small tomb like structure which is actually a bird feeder. These feeders were constructed in each colony to feed the birds.

Kala Ram Mandir – God Rama is constituted in black which is unusual.

These are wooden cravings found all over in temples and in the houses. The above is made in the shape of the trunk of an elephant.

Streets, temples, Houses.. as we pass the streets… At a single place you will find three houses built in different architecture – Moghul, Maratha and British.

Manmade bird holes, so that they dont have to construct their nests.. its modern city planning for the birds.. 🙂

Some more houses which are at least 100 years old..

These girls, who also came for the walk shared the same passion for the photography. However, they came into my frame of the camera..

Being a Sunday, markets were closed..

‘After-meal’ chewing items (pachaks) for sale.. very colorful..

Jumma Masjid (Mosque), the final destination of the walk.. the Mosque had tombs that broke in an earthquake..

The place where prayers are offered.. a line of pillars. This is one of the few places on earth where women are also allowed to pray in a Muslim Mosque.

The waterbody at the centre and the tomb from inside..

One of the several windows..

As I said this was the end of the journey. The guide from the NGO left us here and we roamed around the city.. You can plan your visit to other parts of the city after this walk.. Nearest being Sidi Sayyed Jaali. May be you will require a little rest .. 🙂

You can contact me at rahul.sheel [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy Journey.

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3 thoughts on “Ahmedabad Heritage Walk

  1. Kya baat hai Sheel …. a photographic travel blog …. its really nice… being an amdavadi … i have not seen the old city in such detail …but your post has created curiosity in me to go for heritage walk…. hope to see some more … waiting for one on the recent trip to sun temple 🙂 !!

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