Heritage of Mumbai – The Taj Mahal Hotel

We have seen the terrorists taking on the iconic heritage of Mumbai, called the Taj Mahal Hotel. The Taj Mahal Palace hotel resort first opened its doors to guests on December 16, 1903. It was decided to build a magnificent Indian Hotel when Jamshed Tata , the founder was refused entry to one of the city’s grand hotels of the time, Watson’s Hotel, as it was restricted to ‘whites only.

The original Indian architects were Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya and D. N. Mirza, but the project was completed by an English engineer W. A. Chambers. Taj Hotel is famous across the world for the top class hospitality.
As Ratan Tata, the current chairman says ” We will rebuild every inch that has been damaged in this attack and bring back the Taj to its full glory.”

The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower stands as an icon of the city of Mumbai, a symbol of both independence and dignity. It will also stand in the future as a representation of the indomitable human spirit of the people of Mumbai displayed in the face of the greatest adversity.

As The Taj rebuilds the damage to the heritage property, these are the photographs that reminds us of the glory Taj is ..and WILL Remain.

The Taj as it was always.. Nobody would have imagined it would look like this someday.

Hope the glory of Taj will be regained as it was .. and it stands tall as an icon of humanity over inhumanity.

This was an article by Robert Clements in Pakistan Observer, which you would like to read in continuation..

One of the finest sights as your launch takes off from the Gateway of India are not naval ships on the left, or lights of other merchant vessels all around but the sight of the splendid, imposing Taj Mahal Hotel in the background. She even makes the Gateway a minor landmark.And as your boat goes farther and farther away you look back and get the feeling the hotel rises higher and higher from the sea, most probably because other buildings around pale into insignificance.And after the launch does its harbor cruise or takes you to the Elephanta Island and returns, again the Taj reaches out across the waters, welcoming you back to your beloved Bombay.

There is something so refreshing about the over hundred year old building, it is not some dead historical monument from the past, it is a living symbol of Indian might, its arches and turrets and domes majestic yet human, imposing yet common.But there’s history in the hotel.

It is a symbol of Indian pride, a statement against racism, and a show of Indian superiority. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time and money in the Taj’s outstanding Nalanda bookstore, eaten several meals in the Shamiana coffee shop, which has some of the nicest old waiters you’ll ever meet.Up in the second-floor Sea Lounge, you can see Marwari and Gujurati couples meet for the first time as part of the elaborate ritual of creating arranged marriages. Behind the front desk is a brilliant M.F. Hussain painting, likely worth millions. There’s the Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant, a Louis Vuitton store, Ravissant, and much more. This is the type of place where there are attendants in the washroom who will turn on the faucet for you before you wash your hands and turbanned gaurds outside who take you back to days gone by; of Maharaja’s and white sahibs.

This, the place which terrorists tried to bring down!’That’s the Taj,” says the guide on the launch as your boat returns. There are no lights shining out bright, no fluttering curtains. But even in her wounded state I hear her say, “Welcome! I’ve survived and I’ll be back bright and smiling as usual, soon!” “Ah Taj..!” you sigh, tears in your eyes.

Photos: Various users on Flickr and Boston Blogs ( All linked to their locations)


6 thoughts on “Heritage of Mumbai – The Taj Mahal Hotel

  1. Gorgeous. Hope to see it restored to its former splendour soon. God rest the souls of those that lost their lives in this senseless attack

  2. The terrorists will come and go but if they think they can take away the glory of Taj they are a mockery unto themselves!TAJMAHAL HOTEL will always stand tall now taller thanever for being like aprotective mother who took all the hits on herself while protecting her childern! she is injured and with her protective family, in safe hands! and soon we will witness it’s strength. Nothing and nobody can ever again dare to blemish it, it is not just a hotel but asymbol of INDIA PEACE and LOVE. Has hatred ever conqured over love?


  4. Wow I found your post through another blog moments ago… you sure painted the picture for the Taj Mahal. I am going to check http://www.tralasvegas.com to see if they have any timeshares for sale or rent in India.. I hope so because now I really want to go see it in person. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

  5. The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai which recently faced the attack of terrorists is called the heritage hotel of India representing grandeur and dignity. It is known for its warm hospitality, and I hope that the damages are repaired very well and it has regained its past glory…

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