Sun Temple (Modhera), Near Ahmedabad

Situated at around 100 kilometers from the city Ahmedabad, this temple is the grandeur of the architecture signifying the heritage of India. Built in the 11th century this temple is close to reach the age of 1000 years. This temple was built by King Bhimdev in 1026 A.D. You can read more about it here.


The carvings on the wall of the tank The whole structure has three parts. It starts with a big tank known as the Surya Kund.

It is a large structure with steps going all the way to bottom. The walls on the upper side contains images of god and some equisite sculpture. Then there are two sets of building one over another in the same line. The last building was the place where the prayers were offered (It is no more offered).



This is the entrance from the side of the tank..


Let us close up to see the carvings, the statues on the pillars above..


The temple carvings on the wall is a deptiction of the life that goes with the blessing of the sun. Have a look at some of them below..







With some erotic ones as well.. (Image Courtsey: Harish Rao)

Photo by Harish Rao

The architecture is not well handled or preserved as you can see the picture below, the stones are decaying.. img_3967

You must reach there early as the sunrise is the best time in the day to visit the sun temple. It opens at 7 AM. Reaching early may also make you lucky to see the moon as well the sun. img_3937


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