Adalaj Step Well

Distance : 18 kilometers from IIM Campus, Ahmedabad. Find SG highway and turn right.

The step well is called vav in local language. It was built in 16th century and still standing strong.

It was built during the reign of Queen Rudabai, a muslim ruler. Though now dry, the well once provided water to weary travellers and pilgrims along the roads outside of Ahmedabad. The four-level well is dug directly into the water table, exposing fresh water that rose and fell according the seasons and the amount of rainfall. Its deep interior provided cool relief from the harsh Indian sun. (Source :

If you want to visit for photography, avoid visiting tthe place in strong sunlight. I think lateral light is better for photography. So, let me take you to the stepwell now.

1. As we enter, we found many parrots enjoying playing with one another.


2. The stepwell was inaugrated for general public in 1555 AD as mentioned in hindi on this stone. I have purposely enlarged only that specific portion.

3. Several pillars making a corridoor like appearance. Adalaj is mainly based on these pillars.


4. A worker collecting coins with the help of a magnet. People throw coins in the well for good luck.


5. The wall facing the well as visible from the stairs as we walk down to the well. I like this pic for the contrast in lighting.


6. Pointed iron sheets kept on some side walks to prevent people from walking on those planks.


7. What I can say 😉 . P.S. I also took this route 😛 . The staff taught us how to put steps laterally and walk over those pointed rods 🙂


8. A view from the top. This is the same wall alongside the well.


9. Everyday prayers are offered by the staff in front of the god’s image craved on one of the wall.


10. Notice the rich carvings here… all around the walls.


11. A little zoomed…


12. Another carving on the wall.


13. Carvings on pillars.. It is present on all the pillars.


14. Adalaj is a place of attraction for tourists. Many tourists are seen arriving in the backdrop of incense sticks offered to the god as a prayer ritual.


15. The narrow stairs that takes to each of the floors of the well.


16. Five Graves… it is said that these are graves of those masons who built this structure. They were killed so that they can not create another piece like it. Weird… but may be true for that time.


Happy travelling… 🙂


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