Sarkhej Roja: A heritage neglected

Distance: Around 10 Kilometeres from the IIM Campus. Find SG Highway and turn left.

Sarkhej is known for its architectural creation which comprises of Islamic stylistic influences from Persia with indigenous Hindu and Jain features to form a composite “Indo-Saracenic” architectural style.

1. A Masoleum and a Mosque was constructed in the honour of Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh, a Sufi saint and a friend/advisor to Sultan Ahmed Shah (The founder of Ahmedabad). The sufi saint was believed to possess miraculous powers. Seen below is the tomb of the masoleum.


2. The pillars of the mosque.


3. Below is the mosque as seen from inside. Few mosques allow women to participate in offering prayers with men, but few like this allow women by giving them a separate section. (Notice the elevated portion on the left)


4. Islamic architecture is famous for the stone jalis. Just before the sunset, light entering through the jali at another maseleom in the Sarkhej Roja compound. This masoleum was built for the family of Sultan Mahmud Begada.


5. Another wall with  stone jali.


6. Children playing in the Mosque compound. Numerous families come to visit Sarkhej Roja. The complex is generally poorly  maintained in terms of cleanliness.


7. Sunlight falls on the walls of the Sarkhej Roja Masoleum and Mosque compound and reflected in the dirty water of the pond. People living around Sarkhej Roja use this water and the vicinity for their daily morning chores.Hence, this side of the complex remains dirty.


8. A little zoom of the reflection on water.


9. Sunset over the ruins of queens place and the entrance to the pond.



10. Another masoleum which is a part of Sarkhej complex (HDR image)


11. Beautiful sunset over this masoleum.


I advise visiting this place during sunset.. the hues on the walls are amazing.

Happy travelling 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sarkhej Roja: A heritage neglected

  1. thanks… do you know whose mausoleum is pic 10.
    I don’t remember.. neither could i find out from web.

  2. Those are some real nice snaps man. I think you went there post monsoon and so the beautiful water and reflection snaps..
    I went there during the winter afternoon and the heat was baaaad..

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