Night Heritage Walk – Mangaldas ni Haveli

Timing: 10 PM to 11 PM

Place: Starts from Mangaldas in Haveli, Lakha Patel ni Pol, Manek Chowk. (The owners of House of MG)

Fee: Rs 50 increased to Rs 200, I am told (Cards not accepted)

I had heard about this walk since a long time and wanted to go for  it. I was told that this walk introduces the night life of Ahmedabad. There is another walk that happens daily in the morning, which introduces the architectural heritage of Ahmedabad (More info in my earlier post).

Well, this walk also tried to attempt all that the morning heritage walk does during the day time. But the problem during night is, it is very difficult to appreciate architectural heritage due to low light conditions.

The routes of morning and night heritage walk are mostly separate and only merges towards the end.

1. Mangaldas ni Haveli (The Bunglow of Mangaldas) is around two hundred years old and has been renovated recently.

2. This place has been opened for tourists and has a cafe and a shop that sells ethnic Gujarati stuff.

3. The houses built during those periods used wood brought from Burma. It seems they are really long lasting.

4. The walk starts to show the kind of architecture which is unique of Ahmedabad, described in detail in my earlier post. This is an entrance of a Pol (like a small colony) during night. The structure above the entrance was used as a security cabin.

5. The guide used a torch to show the architectural details.

6. Another house that has used wood from Burma.

7. A Carving on a pillar on one of the houses.

8. The guide explaining “Ol” , A typical market where the owners live above the shop situated on the ground floor.

9. Khestrapal Temple statue. It is claimed that this statue is made from butter with an outer covering of silver foil. Since the last 200 years this statue has not melted.

10. The gate of Badshah-no-Hajiro , the tomb of Badshah Ahmed Shah, the founder of Ahmedabad. Earlier in the walled city drums were played during night to signal closing of the gates. A family whose forefathers guarded the walled city still lives here (The place above the board of Badshah-ka-Hajira in the pic) and plays the music at 11 PM everyday…. A tradition kept alive for 600 years.

You can listen to a short audio clip here of the drums.

11. The masoleum light at the Badshah-no-Hajiro.

12. The walk ends at Jumma Masjid, reflections of lights in the pool at night.

13. This is very close to Manek Chowk eateries. They remain open till 2 AM in the morning. I was so involved in eating that I forgot to take a pic of this location ;). So will update it next time.

Overall, this walk is not as good as the morning heritage walk which i will highly recommend as compared to this one. But if you think you can never be able to get up so early in the morning or  you are generally busy during mornings, this is a good option.

Happy Travelling 🙂


6 thoughts on “Night Heritage Walk – Mangaldas ni Haveli

  1. I also did this walk sometime back (and without a guide), and enjoyed the experience…more for the walk than the little information we got.

    The best part was the old locked house we visited…it had some wonderful history!

  2. I experimented with looking at your website on my cellphone and the design doesnt seem to be correct. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most mobile phone layouts are not really working with your website.

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