ek wo katal ki raat

Uttarayan is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety in Gujarat. One of the rituals associated with Uttarayan is Kite Flying. And the biggest kite market in Ahmedabad is at Tankshal (near Manek Chowk), which goes wild on the eve of Uttarayan, the eve known as the ‘katal ki raat‘ (the ultimate night). Thanks volunteer ahmedabad to make me aware of such a place by organizing a photowalk.
I must say night photography was difficult for me in a place so crowded to even walk. But the mood of the place kept us going. Β So let’s go to the kite market Β πŸ™‚
1. As soon as we started, people became too friendly with us noticing the camera. This worker who was just packing things up after the day’s sale, requested me to take his photo.

2. A cart full of bangles passed by.

3. The narrow street of the market was fully packed.

4. What a way to wish the start of the new year. Isn’t it?

5. Kites on display. Whites and Colorful.

6. Big as well as small ones.

7.Β  Phirki’s.

8. Colorful threads.

9.Β  Accessories : Caps

10.Β  Accessories : Whistles

11. Accessories: Goggles

12. Accessories: Masks

13.Β  Long exposure shots of Β a toy with lights on demonstration.

14.Β  We were asked by people kya aap TV9 se aaye ho ?, kaun se channel par aayega?, kal paper me chapega?. I generally replied – we are students doing a photowalk (eh.. too boring for them πŸ™‚ ).Β  But sometimes I changed my answers as well πŸ˜› e.g. when asked onceΒ kaun se channel par aayega?‘, I replied ‘channel par nahin, internet par aayega’. Achha … he thought for a moment.. and asked me again kaun se time par aayega?.
This shopkeeper below told me Β ‘main amreeka rehta hun’. Though I could not relate to why it was mentioned, Achha.. I asked “amreeka me kahan rehte ho?” . Bhuj.. came the reply. πŸ˜›

15. People were filled with joy.Β  A few of them asking to take their photographs (mera photo phado :P)

16.Β  If you purchase Kites in this market, this is how you have to carry them in the crowd. Some pics of people carrying Kites.

17.Β  A kid reaching out to a Phirki.

18.Β  Happy with sooo many kites or shy? or both πŸ™‚

19. Her name is Alvira.. I loved her smile. Her family sells kite related products. I noticed a large number of muslim shopkeepers’ and I wondered the role of business and festivals in religious integration.

20. aww…the only kid who feared the camera… her mother tried to help but … πŸ™‚

21. Any market in Ahmedabad has to have many food stalls. Got a chance to click a few of them.

22.Β  The joy of photography

and the joy of sharing

23. On our way back we spotted people making manjha (not a part of that kite market)

24. It ended with a mid-night buffet at TGB…Β  had to be called the ‘katal ki raat’.

You may like to visit my earlier post on The International Kite Festival if this post has provoked your interest on kites even further. Explore. πŸ™‚
Happy Uttarayan and best wishes for the coming year.


7 thoughts on “ek wo katal ki raat

  1. wah wah katilaana pics !! really beautiful !!!! for me the whistles, long exposure 1 and the sharing pics were good !! and you and food .. well or we and food or is it the city ?? πŸ™‚

  2. Yaar! I just miss this festival!!! Thanks for bringing this to me and make my Uttarayan happier πŸ™‚

    I was so glad that you went, I was cursing myself on Katal ki raat that I couldn’t tell you and then you and Harish were not online too!!! for a good reason πŸ™‚

    Just loved it!

  3. Hey tats really cool…got 2 c a diff part of Ahmadabad….even here at Hyderabad people celebrated the Sankranti with Kite flying. Its gr8, lovd tat.

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